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Welcome to readers of The Local. Below you will find links to web pages that accompany the “That was then, this is now” articles published each month. On these pages you can view the photos in higher resolution by clicking on an image. These pages also have additional material such as references to old newspaper articles, and any corrections or clarifications.

Other Local History content

Local history blog posts

In addition to the monthly “Then and Now” articles for The Local, I also occasionally post content about local history on my blog.  If you want to view just my local history posts (without the other subjects I write about) click here. These posts vary in length and detail, but some of the more substantial ones I’ve written are:


  • My thanks go to the University of Newcastle Cultural Collections for maintaining a fabulous repository of historic photos, and for granting permission to publish some of them in the Lambton Local.
  • Thanks also to Robert Watson for research assistance, fact checking, proof reading, ideas and inspiration.
  • Julie Keating has also been a valued collaborator with me over the years.

Questions and Answers

In doing this research, I seem to find more questions than answers, so I have a page of unanswered questions concerning Lambton’s local history, and another smaller but hopefully growing page of answered questions.

4 thoughts on “That was then, this is now

  1. Hi I from 1949 when born till 1970 lived on Howe St Lambton several houses up from Allan Kemlo who told me of your site, I’m so pleased to have found it. Lambton always will be very close to my Heart – I’ll be back when I’ve got more time to watch the video and to read more – many thanks – cheers, Maree

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