About Me

Camping at Allyn River, East Gresford, 2024.

I live in beautiful Newcastle NSW, Australia with my wife, one adult child (the other two having moved out).

I am a Christian with a firm trust in Jesus, the forgiveness he bought by his death on the cross, and the power of God’s word in the Bible. I currently attend All Saints ANeW Church, an evangelical Anglican church that meets at New Lambton.

If you need to contact me, well I’m not going to put my e-mail address here for spammers to harvest and send me a deluge of unrepeatable offers, but if you know my name and that I have an e-mail address from a well known e-mail provider founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and that I have a predilection for using a dot as a concatenating character… then you can work out my e-mail address.