Netcomm NB604N and Firefox

One last post on my new NetComm NB604N modem/router, and this time about a minor problem accessing the settings when using Firefox. Occasionally as I navigate around the settings I get a “400 Bad request” page returned. Clicking on the link again will usually load the page OK the second time.


The occurrence of the bad request seems to be quite random, and appears to be a problem restricted to Firefox – if I use Internet Explorer, or Chrome or Safari, I don’t get this problem. If I use Firefox and then start the Fiddler web proxy to try and see what’s going on, the problem also goes away.  When I did a web search on “Firefox” and “400 bad request” then it seems that the problem is not just isolated to the Netcomm modem settings interface.

Long story short, I haven’t yet figured out what’s going on, and I just use a browser other than Firefox if I need to access the modem settings.

Foaming Eucalypt

I recorded this video of a foaming tree in my backyard earlier this year. I had seen it do this once before. On both occasions it happened when it rained after a prolonged period of very hot days.

In investigating this phenomenon, there seems to be two theories as to what’s going on.

  1. The foam the tree is producing is a natural “wetting agent” that improves the penetration of water into the soil around the tree.
  2. The foam has anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties, and is protecting the tree from infection.

If anyone has any definite information on what’s going on here, I’d love to hear from you.

VPN settings on NetComm NB604N modem/router

One other difficulty that I had with my new NetComm NB604N ADSL modem/router, was that when I tried to connect with my work’s network from home using the Cisco VPN client, I wasn’t able to make the connection. It turns out that there is additional configuration that I needed to make in order to allow VPN connections. This is documented on Netcomm’s website,  but for my own reference, and because pictures tell it clearer than words, here’s the setting I needed to add in the “NAT – Port Triggering” section.


Time settings on NetComm NB604N modem/router

I got a new ADSL2+ modem/router last week, a NetComm NB604N. I ran into some problems when trying to set the parental controls (to turn off internet access at various times of the day) because I found that the time on the modem was 1 hour ahead of what it should have been.  After some experimenting with changing the timezones I believe that there is a bug in the firmware, for the “(GMT +10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney” timezone. Even though daylight savings is not currently in effect, the modem is incorrectly adding 1 hour to the time.

As a workaround I was able to set the timezone to “(GMT +10:00) Brisbane” timezone to get the right time.

NetComm time


No doubt I’ll have to change the timezone to something else when daylight savings does actually start in a few months.

UPDATE: NetComm have confirmed to me that they are aware of the problem and that it should be fixed in a future firmware update. (28-Jul-2013)