Happy birthday Rembrandt

rembrandtSo its Rembrandt’s birthday today, and Google celebrated it with a special Google doodle.

As it happens, we have a print of a Rembrandt self-portrait at home that I rather like, but the kids for some reason have taken a real dislike to. Anyway, in celebration of Rembrandt’s birthday today, my daughter gave him a special birthday makeover.


I couldn’t have done it without them

While the political process lurches on in Canberra, democratic machinations proceed in other parts of the country, and after a hard fought battle, factional backroom deals, and
intense lobbying – last week I was elected as website administrator of the Society of Frogs
and Reptiles. Well actually I was elected unopposed, being the only nominee.

lizardsHowever my sincere thanks do go to “Little Squirt” and “Mr Big” – for truly and honestly I would have never attained the position without them.

Too much information

Following on from my recent post on my ‘mid year report‘ on my bike riding to work, I now calculate a number, that perhaps ought not to be calculated, but I’m going to since I have the following information:

  • In the last 4 and half years I’ve ridden my bike to work 578 times
  • When I first started riding to work, I bought a 4 pack of soap to use in the shower at work
  • Each cake of soap is 95g
  • With rare exceptions I’m the only person to use the shower at work
  • I’ve just used up the 2nd cake of soap

Which gives me enough information to calculate …

Average amount of soap used per shower = 0.33 grams.

Hmmm… perhaps too much information?

Now 0.33g sounds like a ridiculously small number, but bear in mind that I’m washing off the sweat from a 20 minute bike ride, not the grime from an 8 hour shift down a coal mine, and the soap I’m using isn’t some dainty melt in your hand luxury product, but more of an el-cheapo industrial grade soap mixing it with the high flyers on Mohs scale of hardness.


Google Reader Gone

Google Reader is gone. I quite liked it and was a bit miffed when Google announced its demise. Fortunately I have found and been using for a couple of months a great replacement – The Old Reader. It has very similar functionality to Google Reader, plain, simple, does what it needs to do, without making things overly complicated and fancy. If you try it and like it, don’t forget to financially support the team that provides The Old Reader.

As an aside, the demise of Google Reader was one of the things that prompted me to start this blog on my own website. Previously I had used Google Buzz, and then that got shut down, then I was using Google+, but then Google seemed to want to change how it looked and worked every few months. How long before Google+ gets shut down? In the end my frustrations led me to set up my own platform that’s under my control.