Rodent-based rainfall metric

I encounter all sorts of weather when cycling to work. For some reason, when it comes to wet weather, I describe the level of wetness on a three part scale based on the liquid effect on rodents – the three levels being ‘damp rat’, ‘soggy rat’, and ‘drowned rat’. (I suspect Mark Maclean and his interest in things found in the drain may have been the inspiration for my metric.)

Both yesterday and today was a ‘soggy rat’ ride.

April Photos Day

Some photo’s from today …


Who is that shadowy person?

'Tis "The Sooty Retriever", rescuing birds trapped in the chimney.

‘Tis “The Sooty Retriever”, rescuing a bird trapped in the chimney.


A grainy image of the avian accident, taken by sticking my iPhone up the chimney to determine what was stuck where.

No joke. This really happened today.