Muting the LG MS2596OW Microwave

When the microwave we had been using for several years failed recently, a family member passed on to us an LG MS2596OW microwave to use. The microwave is fine except for the mind-flippingly irritating electronic tune that it constantly plays when cooking finishes.  The user manual provides no assistance in disabling the sound, but thanks to a suggestion from a review site, I learned that it is possible to mute the sound on this microwave by holding the Clear and Keep Warm buttons for 5 seconds. Peace at last!

You can repeat the procedure to turn the sound back on again, but the only reason you’d want to do that is to demonstrate how annoying the sound is when a visitor asks why the microwave doesn’t beep.

Note that if the power to the microwave is disconnected, the mute setting doesn’t stick, so you have to mute it again when the power is reconnected.

15 thoughts on “Muting the LG MS2596OW Microwave

  1. What’s the problem with the noise, I’ve had it for a few months and it’s just a 3 second tune that plays to tell you your foods ready? Would you prefer an Alert beep??

    • I prefer no beep. What’s interesting after having had the microwave muted for the last year, is the realisation of how completely unnecessary the alert sound is. While operating, the microwave makes a low sound as the turntable rotates. When that sound stops I know the cooking has finished. No electronic bipping, beeping, ringing or chirping is required at all. I guess for some people in a noisy environment an alert is handy, but in my situation it is superfluous.

  2. New microwave, yay! Beeping sound, oh noooo. Thank you for posting this, from me and all for future microwave owners of this machine.

  3. I have an LG neo chef inverter microwave.
    Pressed the Inverter cook and the Stop/cancel button for about 5 seconds until Off displays on panel.

    • I cannot thank you enough. What a ridiculously irritating sound. I am dumbfounded as to who in the product development department of LG thought that this was a good idea SMH

    • This did it for mine too! Thanks! For Google: LG Neo Chef smart inverter microwave Microwave Oven
      MS2336DB turn off sound.

      I do not know why they don’t put it in the manual!

  4. Thank you so much for your post! I have serious buyers remorse (what kind of microwave can only change the time by turning off the unit??) but at least now the irritating noise has stopped and I don’t have to hurl it into the sun.

  5. Thank you so much!!! I had this machine delivered today and it made the noise twice before I was running to the internet to find an answer. Only other option was to send it back to hell.

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