Netcomm NB604N and Firefox

One last post on my new NetComm NB604N modem/router, and this time about a minor problem accessing the settings when using Firefox. Occasionally as I navigate around the settings I get a “400 Bad request” page returned. Clicking on the link again will usually load the page OK the second time.


The occurrence of the bad request seems to be quite random, and appears to be a problem restricted to Firefox – if I use Internet Explorer, or Chrome or Safari, I don’t get this problem. If I use Firefox and then start the Fiddler web proxy to try and see what’s going on, the problem also goes away.  When I did a web search on “Firefox” and “400 bad request” then it seems that the problem is not just isolated to the Netcomm modem settings interface.

Long story short, I haven’t yet figured out what’s going on, and I just use a browser other than Firefox if I need to access the modem settings.

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