Unacceptable acceptable use policy


“if automated programs or programs that maintain a persistent connection to a remote service are used, they must only be used when you are physically present at the computer.”

So when your computer automatically downloads updates from Microsoft at 3am you’re in violation of the the policy. What a joke.

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Phone Fiasco Finale

We have internet service again at home! And still have a phone service!! Exactly one month after we were disconnected in a first grade botch-a-rama, when iiNet bought out my previous internet service provider, we finally have both phone and internet at the same time. We still don’t have our voicemail reactivated, so not everything has yet been returned to the way it was.

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Phone Fiasco #4

Today is the day when supposedly our home phone gets re-connected. Here’s my odds for what will happen…

  1. The phone gets reconnected but we lose our internet service. 60%
  2. We lose our internet service and still have no phone. 20%
  3. Absolutely nothing happens today. 10%
  4. The phone is reconnected, but we get told that we can’t have our old number back, even though we were assured we could. 5%
  5. We get our phone line reconnected, but to someone else’s phone service.(**) 3%
  6. We get our phone service back without losing internet and everything is fixed. 1%
  7. Something else, not specified above happens. 1%

Stay tuned for the outcome.

** I’m not just being facetious on this possibility – this actually happened to us a few years ago!

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