Phone Fiasco #4

Today is the day when supposedly our home phone gets re-connected. Here’s my odds for what will happen…

  1. The phone gets reconnected but we lose our internet service. 60%
  2. We lose our internet service and still have no phone. 20%
  3. Absolutely nothing happens today. 10%
  4. The phone is reconnected, but we get told that we can’t have our old number back, even though we were assured we could. 5%
  5. We get our phone line reconnected, but to someone else’s phone service.(**) 3%
  6. We get our phone service back without losing internet and everything is fixed. 1%
  7. Something else, not specified above happens. 1%

Stay tuned for the outcome.

** I’m not just being facetious on this possibility – this actually happened to us a few years ago!

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