Sensory overload

I visited a multilevel consumer sensory overload facility on the weekend (otherwise known as a Westfield shopping centre) and had difficulty in locating a particular shop. I grabbed a centre complex map from the info desk and was disappointed to find that it had no compass bearings or scale!

I suppose it’s all part of the design of prolonging your time inside in the hope of extracting more cash from the wallet.

Note to Westfield: please consider issuing visitors to your facility with emergency beacons that can be activated in times of sensory overload and severe disorientation, so that SWAT teams of consumer advocates can come to the rescue of dazed and confused shoppers.

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Wish fulfilment

Looks like another item from my election wishlist of last year is in the pipeline, with the government moving to ban the promotion of sports betting during sports telecasts.

Update 20 Feb 2015: While there is no longer spruiking of live odds during the games, there’s still a long, long way to go to excise the scourge of gambling advertising from sports telecasts.

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Birthday dreams

image008It’s my birthday next week. Last night I dreamed I got a theremin for my birthday. Truly I did. I wonder what it means?

Update: I think I figured out why I dreamed of a theremin. I’ve been listening to Sarah Blasko’s “As Day Follows Night” lately on which several tracks feature a musical saw, which has a theremin like sound.

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With the return of MasterChef I get to pull out, dust off, and expose to the daylight one of my favourite underused words of the English vocabulary:

turgid = inflated, overblown, or pompous; bombastic

It’s almost like they made MasterChef with the explicit purpose of illustrating the meaning of this word.

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