Apple Maps #7

applemaps7I noticed today that some of the problems with Apple Maps that I reported to Apple have been corrected. Unfortunately, in some cases they’ve just replaced one error with a different error. e.g. In Canara Place, they’ve correctly added in the connection to University Drive that was missing, but added an extra connection to Sunset Boulevarde that doesn’t exist in the real world.

Update 8 Feb 2015: Two years on and they still haven’t fixed this error, even though I’ve reported it twice.

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Nokia Maps

So Nokia has released their “HERE Maps” iPhone app to the world. How does it compare with Apple Maps and Google maps? Somewhere in the middle. Of the 6 problems I described in Apple Maps in recent posts, HERE Maps gets 4 of them right, one of them wrong (they show a non-existent river crossing at the Branch), and one half right – They don’t show “Hunter Stadium”, but at least show “International Sports Centre”

I’m still looking forward to getting a Google Maps app back on my iPhone…

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I just heard tonight that John Chapman, long time evangelist in the Sydney Anglican diocese passed away a couple of days ago, aged 82. I never met John, but heard him speak at numerous conferences – always engaging, always passionate for the gospel, always biblical. I have a deep gratitude for John’s work, particularly his transformative work in the Anglican diocese of Armidale – for it was in that diocese, many years later, where many faithful gospel preachers followed in John’s footsteps where I became a disciple of Jesus in 1981.

With his passing, he is now at rest with the Lord. Thank you John.

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Dictionary oddities

I regularly use the dictionary app on my iPhone and usually find it to be high quality. But recently I’ve found a couple of words where the example sentence provided is, well, bizarre??? Take a look.


  • dingle and others would keep what they had purchased using the stolen credit cards, or sell the merchandise for personal profit.”
  • buhr learned of the incident because his in-laws, present in his house at the time, witnessed it.”

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Apple Maps #4

applemaps4Apple Maps errors – example 4.

See that road running alongside the railway line, and over a creek? I’d suggest navigating that route only if you have a bulldozer with floaties, in order to traverse the road that doesn’t exist and the bridge that doesn’t exist.

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