Political tomfoolery

Political tomfoolery annoying me today*

People who suggest (or sometimes say outright) that because the Gillard Labor government is a minority government , that it is somehow, undemocratic, or unconstitutional, or invalid, or illegitmate, and that therefore Australians have the right to a new election.The fact is, whether you love it or hate it, or anything in between, whilever it has the confidence of a majority of members of the lower house it is the rightful government, and will remain so for another 2 years.

*Today’s annoyance inspired by some ingloriously ignorant vox pops heard on the AM program this morning.

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eCensus imaginings

I filled in the online eCensus last night about 6pm. Despite all the IT doomsayers predicting a horrible user experience as the ABS servers melt under the load of millions of users, it was super fast, with near instant page submit/load times. Well done to the computer nerds and nerdettes that made that happen.

In the census, I was well pleased to be able to answer the question about how I got to work yesterday with the response “Bicycle”. I like to imagine* that my answer is the final trickle that will open the floodgates of cycleway infrastructure funding in our area.

*I also like to imagine that I’m a long haired rock guitar legend of the 70’s. Gotta go now. I have to practice Stairway to Heaven and perfect that time machine to get me back to 1971.

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Song lyrics

My #1 favourite song lyric:

“The definition of an invisible girl should be transparently clear
You say you can see through me, but that’s not what I want to hear”

Invisible Girl, by Blue Vinyl Lounge

My #2 favourite song lyric:

“You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you”

Your’re so Vain, by Carly Simon.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid” (Jeff Kinney) – a book review by Lachlan Wetherall. This book has a misleading title. It should be titled “Diary of a Conceited, Conniving, Lying, Cheating, Lazy, Vindictive, Selfish Kid”.

Recommended reading for instructing your kids how not to behave.

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