Name that tune

I found a compilation mix on cassette (anyone remember those) that I used at our wedding 20 years ago. On it there is a piece of classical (baroque) music that I can’t for the life of me remember what the piece is or who the composer is. Can anyone help?

 Update 19 Dec 2013: Thanks to a tip-off from Paul Lin, I now know that this piece is Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto for 2 Mandolins, Strings and Continuo in G, RV 532. I even managed to find the exact recording in iTunes to purchase.

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Christie Christmas Words

Five words Agatha Christie has taught me this Christmas.

  • embonpoint
  • florid
  • interlard
  • blench
  • propinquity

To practice using these new found gems of the English language I made up this sentence with a Christmas theme …

“In this season of familial propinquity, the true meaning is often dulled by the interlarding of a fictional character of florid embonpoint sufficient to make one blench.”

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Public libraries. I love ’em. I walk into a building chock full of books, CD’s DVD’s, magazines; pretty much anything that I see that takes my fancy I can shove into a bag and few moments later be walking out the door with them, past the security sensors, in full view of the staff, without paying a cent. It’s just like legalized shoplifting in a bookshop.

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Calendar clarification

The Hunter Bible Church calendar came out today, and I get to be in the February photo. Who’d have thought I’d be a calendar pinup boy! Wisely the editors of the calendar have ensured that my head and face are not in the photo, but those are definitely my fawn shorts, hairy legs, and hiking boots.

I also want to use this occasion to make it absolutely clear that despite what the camera angle appears to show, I am not stomping on that little boys arm.

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