Birthday blues

Want to buy an F/A 18 Hornet jetfighter?

Air force planes for saleI am sometimes amused by the contextual ads that Google places alongside gmail messages. Richard Sweatman mentions a jetfighter in a recent e-mail so Google helpfully provides a link to a site where you can ‘buy air force planes’.

Sadly, when I clicked on the link there were none for sale. Darn. And it’s my birthday soon too.

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State of Origin woes

I had to go to a meeting last night. Before I left home I carefully set my computer to record State of Origin 1 so that I could watch it when I got home. When I got home I found that 18 minutes into the broadcast, before the kickoff had even happened my computer had inexplicably rebooted. Now some may say that this was a punishment from God for

  1. being more interested in sport than in the season finale of “Lost” (Hi Neil), or
  2. following the ‘wrong’ code of football (helllo Sam), or
  3. having the ‘wrong’ kind of computer (Yo Dave A)

I prefer to think of it as the mercy of God in sparing me the pain of watching NSW get beaten by Queensland yet again.

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Unbooking my face, Part 2

Turns out there is a difference between deactivating and deleting your FaceBook account. I have now submitted a request for deletion, but apparently it won’t be deleted for 14 days. FaceBook … its like an ugly stain on the carpet that won’t go away no matter how much you scrub it.

Deleting your Facebook account (FAQ) | InSecurity Complex – CNET News

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Safety for who?

I’ve been noticing more and more lately how the the “safety” instructions for appliances are provided not for keeping the user safe from injury, or the appliance safe from damage, but to keep the manufacturer safe from lawsuits.

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