All the rage again

It’s my 25th wedding anniversary today. The other contracting party to this celebration has a strong desire to maintain a non-presence on the internet, so the non-mention of that person in this blog post is out of respect, not disrespect. So instead, let me reflect on the nature of marriage from this quote from a 22 Jul 1874 newspaper article, which again uses that modern sounding phrase “all the rage” …

Weddings are all the rage“Weddings are all the rage here at present. There has been three couple united in the bonds of wedlock since Friday last.”

Within this one sentence, marriage is described with the words “united”, “bonds” and “wedlock”; three words that emphasise the permanent joining together of two persons to become one flesh, a thoroughly biblical understanding. This is in contrast to the modern view of marriage as

  • a partnership (rather than a unity);
  • of two people hanging out together for mutual convenience (rather than a bond);
  • while ever romantic feelings of love persist (rather than a wedlock of permanence).

I like the 1874 definition better, and hope it becomes all the rage again.

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