Lambton Panorama 1904

The University of Newcastle Cultural Collections has a photographic panorama of Lambton, taken from the top of Noble St in North Lambton in 1904. I have created an annotated version of this photograph with the following streets marked  …

  • High St
  • Hill St
  • Young St (Newcastle Rd)
  • Morehead St
  • Howe St
  • Croudace St
  • Grainger St
  • Noble St

and the following items of interest marked …

  • Post Office
  • Mechanics Institute
  • Lambton Park Rotunda
  • Lambton Colliery railway bridges over the tramway and Howe St
  • Exchange Hotel (now Lambton Park Hotel)
  • Old Stone House in Howe St
  • Red Lion Inn
  • St Johns Church of England
  • Congregational Church
  • Site of Lambton Electric Light generating station
  • Lambton/Jesmond tramway cutting
  • Lambton Lodge (home of Thomas Croudace)
  • Lambton Public School

Annotated panorama of Lambton in 1904. Click on image for larger version. (6MB)

Any corrections or suggested additions to the annotations are welcome.

Technical note: The annotations were done using Visio 2013, but unfortunately Visio doesn’t handle exporting to raster image formats when there is a large image involved – it just gives a horribly unhelpful “Visio is unable to complete exporting” error message. To get around this, I exported to SVG format, then used the CloudConvert online image conversion site to convert the SVG to a JPG file.

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