Whispering Gully Mails

After a hiatus of 117 years, the postal service to Whispering Gully was briefly resumed today, for a special delivery to Mr Griffiths.

Two things strike me about this article – firstly that the contractor has to be given three months notice, and is presumably paid for not delivering the mail for those three months, and secondly, the lurking but unasked question of how long Whispering Gully had been deserted before the authorities in Sydney cottoned on.

Dungog Chronicle : Durham and Gloucester Advertiser, Friday 20 April 1900, page 2

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  1. Is this Whispering Gully the former gold mining district at the Barrington Tops?

    I walked down from the water fall to the existing vehicle track over a period of two days.

    I feel somewhat privileged to have seen the Gully as it is a place that you should only visit once. I am sure a person can get trapped if it rains due to the narrow nature of the gully.

    I did see a foundation for a “shack” near one of the gold workings but sorry no letter box.

    If anybody finds a green ground sheet near the falls please tell me as I would like it back.

      • Oh well I was lucky to have found a replacement.

        I missed seeing the tunnel on the way into the gully but I saw a few channels in the side of the river for mining gold.

        There was only one spot to camp on the trip down the gully and it had a couple of large bush turkey mounds.

        I took my wife up to the gully, from the road end, months later and we walked up about a kilometre.

        Different place without the water running.

        On the way home we stopped at the Telegherry River camping area where I made the comment that it would be a nice place to get married.

        The “wife” took me serious and months later was confusing the residents of Dungog running around town picking up flowers and chasing the celebrant, “in her wedding dress.”

        An hour or so later we, the best man, woman and celebrant were cooling our feet in the river while my wife and I exchanged vows.

        Told nobody until after we got home.

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