Kiss your path goodbye?

I have set up a website to act as a point of focus for people protesting the RMS plans to sever the cycle/pedestrian path at Jesmond.

Initially I was a little concerned that the site name was too negative, but on consideration I think it accurately reflects the sobering reality – with the way the RMS ignored all the complaints and submissions earlier this year, that’s exactly what they want us to do, and if we don’t make our voice heard now, that’s exactly what we will have to do.


4 thoughts on “Kiss your path goodbye?

  1. Have the RMS done a risk assessment? Whats the chances of a driver not expecting to see traffic lights on a slip road (I can’t recall seeing lights in such a position before) going through a red and colliding with a pedestrian or cyclist? A fair chance over a few years I’d say. There should be a specific cycle path like up at the uni roundabout only one km away.

  2. Why mix bikes and pedestrians with cars any more than is necessary?
    An underpass or overpass please.A permanent fix for a problem before one arises.

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