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overtonsI’m in Brisbane for 4 days on a training course, and away from my usual source of coffee. Usually when I’m on these kinds of training courses in a capital city it takes a few days of trying a number of coffee outlets before finding a decent coffee. Where my course is (Adelaide St) there are plenty of choices – just on one block (both sides of the street) I counted at least 12 different places where I could purchase coffee.

The first coffee outlet I tried wasn’t bad, but neither was it great – the taste was a bit bland, the milk foam was bit unsubstantial, and the milk temperature was definitely too hot. The second place I tried has been excellent – Overton’s coffee on the corner of Adelaide St and Wharf St. I’ve had 5 cappuccinos from there now and they’ve all been consistently good – long lasting flavour, excellently textured milk foam, and at the right temperature.

One day and 2 coffees to go in Brisbane.


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  1. Hey there,
    Randomly stumbled upon your blog while googling netvirtue as a hosting provider. I am also of christian faith. I also live in australia and I also love coffee! If you have an iPhone, should download the app called Beanhunter, or otherwise visit the beanhunter website next time you’re trying to find a coffee in an unfamiliar place 🙂

    • I’ve tried Beanhunter and its OK, but I find coffee reviews suffer the same limitations as movie reviews.
      * everyone considers themselves as a good reviewer even if they’ve got crap taste
      * most people don’t like to be negative, so people will post a positive review after a good experience, but simply refrain from posting anything after a poor experience – meaning that the average ratings tend towards a narrow range at the top of the rating scale.

      Additionally the problem with coffee reviews is that the quality depends so much on the barista. I’ve had plenty of occasions of having an excellent coffee from some place, and then finding that it’s quite ordinary on the next visit because someone else is behind the machine.

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