What’s wrong with the iOS 7 music app (Part 1)

IMG_1471[1]Previously in iOS 6 if I wanted to listen to a particular album by a particular artist I could tap on “artists” and see a list of artists going down the page. In iOS 7 I can still do that, but because of the album art, the screen only shows 4 artists at a time, so it takes a lot more scrolling to find the artist I want.

IMG_1472[1]In iOS 6, having opened an artist, I saw a list of albums to choose from. Now in iOS 7 I see a list of every song from every album from that artist, which means that if the album I’m looking for is down the bottom of the list and requires lots of scrolling to get to.

Also the albums are sorted by release date, not alphabetically, so if the release dates are not set in the metadata or are set incorrectly then who knows what order the albums are in. If the release dates are set correctly, you have to know the release dates in order to know where in the list the album might be.


IMG_1473[1]Then, in IOS 7 to play an album I can’t just tap on the album cover or album title (which would seem logical), I have to tap on the first track title, and then instead of playing just that album, the music app enters a playlist of every song by that artist, so that when the album finishes it just goes on to the next album. Also if I turn on shuffle, instead of just shuffling through the tracks on the one album, it will shuffle through all tracks by that artist.




IMG_1474[1]The workaround seems to be, just forget that the Artists view exists, and use the Search bar in the music app to find the album you want to play.

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