NetComm NB604N NSW Timezone

As a followup to my previous post on problems setting the timezone on a NetComm NB604N modem/router, now that daylight savings has started in New South Wales (but not in Queensland) I had to adjust the timezone settings. I tried setting the timezone to “(GMT +10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney”, but having done that, the time now shows 1 hour behind what it should be.

It seems clear now that the bug in the modem’s firmware is that they have the rules for the start and end of daylight savings the wrong way round, so that the modem thinks daylight savings is starting when its actually ending, and vice versa.

Anyway, the workaround for me is to set the timezone “(GMT +11:00 Magadan)” for the next 6 months, or until Netcomm issues a firmware update that fixes the problem.

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