New Lambton Council

New Lambton Council was incorporated on 9th January 1889. The council chambers shown in the photo below on Lambton Rd, New Lambton was constructed in 1890 and officially opened in 1891. The building was destroyed by a fire on 15th April 1931.The council then met for a while in temporary accommodation at 10 Cromwell St New Lambton.

New Lambton Council Chambers and Town Clerks house.
New Lambton Council Chambers and Town Clerk’s house. 7th August 1923. Photo by Ralph Snowball. University of Newcastle, Living Histories.

Because of the economic depression, and the looming prospect of the merger of local councils into a Greater Newcastle Council, new chambers were never built, the mood of the time expressed in the council meeting of 24 June 1931 where

Mr. Watson spoke of the desirability of delay, as it was not an opportune time to build, as the ratepayers were handicapped by the depression, and the cry of inability to pay rates was very strong in the municipality.


Mr. Walter Valentine also addressed the council, and said that a Greater Newcastle scheme would make a new building at New Lambton a “white elephant.”

Instead of a new building, the house formerly occupied by the Town Clerk (to the right of the old chambers) was used for council meetings until the end of New Lambton council in 1938.

New Lambton Council Chambers. Newcastle Morning Herald, 21 May 1938.

During World War 2 the council building was used by military authorities. After the war the building was leased and then eventually sold to the Lambton/New Lambton R.S.L.

The former location of New Lambton Council Chambers, in March 2016, with construction of townhouses in progress.
The former location of New Lambton Council Chambers, in March 2016, with construction of early childhood centre in progress.

Timeline of events

Article Date Event DateNotes
19 Jan 1889
9 Jan 1889
New Lambton Council incorporated.
27 Feb 1889Thomas Croudace nominates as a candidate for the first New Lambton Council election.
9 Mar 1889
7 Mar 1889
Thomas Croudace elected as the first Mayor of New Lambton.
30 Aug 1889Council to petition the Governor to get New Lambton Municipality divided into three wards.
17 Jan 1890Publication of the Governer's proclamation that New Lambton Municipality has been divided into three wards, including a description of the boundaries of each ward.
5 Feb 1890
4 Feb 1890
The nominations for the upcoming council election is described as taking place "in the Council-chambers, Regent-street."
12 Feb 1890
11 Feb 1890
Thomas Croudace re-elected as Mayor of New Lambton for another year, even though he is currently absent in New Zealand.
5 Mar 1890
4 Mar 1890
Alderman J.W. Oldham elected as mayor of New Lambton, replacing Thomas Croudace who was unable to accept his election as mayor the previous month due to his being absent in New Zealand.
1 Aug 1891
29 Jul 1891
Opening ceremony for the recently constructed New Lambton council chambers on Lambton Road.
8 Feb 1892
6 Feb 1892
In New Lambton, Thomas Croudace re-elected as an alderman for another three year term, and re-elected as Mayor for another year. [Alderman Thomas had been acting Mayor during the absence of Thomas Croudace.]
18 Apr 1894Thomas Croudace retires from New Lambton council, with 11 months of his three year term remaining.
16 Apr 1931
15 Apr 1931
New Lambton Council chambers on Lambton Road burned down.
12 Jun 1931Land on the corner of Regent and Victoria Streets (opposite the Post Office) has been purchased for the site of new council chambers.
27 Jul 1931Plans for a new town hall for New Lambton have been shelved. The town clerk's residence is to be used instead.
7 Aug 1931The business of New Lambton Council is now carried on at the former residence of the Town Clerk, adjacent to former chambers destroyed by fire.
12 Nov 1931New Lambton council decide that there will be no referendum held on building new council chambers.
21 Nov 1940Former New Lambton council chambers currently occupied by military authorities.
4 Feb 1944The RSL are leasing the former New Lambton council chambers and are seeking to purchase the property.
19 Dec 1947 Lambton/New Lambton R.S.L. to purchase the site of the New Lambton council chambers.

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