Oh look, a shiny book

Oh look, a shiny book. And my name is on the cover.

Julie Keating has continued her series of books focussing on Newcastle suburbs in the 19th and early 20th century. For the latest book on New Lambton, Julie invited me to contribute some of my blog articles on various aspects of New Lambton history.

The book is $25 and can be purchased from New Lambton Post Office, MacLeans bookshop in Beaumont Street Hamilton, and the the Marketown Newsagency in Newcastle West.

One thought on “Oh look, a shiny book

  1. Hi Julie
    I enjoyed your Wickham presentation this morning at U3A.
    I remembered that not only was urine used in leather tanning, but so too dog poo. I didn’t want to say so this morning in case people thought I was crass. But here, on line, that’s OK.
    Read all about it at
    Roland Bannister

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