Phone fiasco #1

My former internet service provider was bought out by a larger competitor about 7 weeks ago. All was fine with the transition until yesterday, when suddenly we find that we have no home phone service anymore, and I discover that without any input from me or notification to me, I have been converted to a Naked DSL plan (i.e. internet only, no phone service)

With the combination of my former ISP’s systems and personnel, my new ISP’s systems and personnel, a different phone company, and telephone exchange work tending to be sub-subcontracted out to multiple levels, I have grave concerns that this mess will get sorted out any time soon. In the meantime, if you need to ring us, ring my mobile phone number.

Update: I was right in my prediction. It took an entire month, and interactions with 27 different people from numerous companies before I had both phone and internet restored!

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