iOS 5 expectations

Apple iOS 5 announced. Five things I’m looking forward to:

  1. Reminders/ToDo – synced with Outlook
  2. Able to send messages to groups (I assume this includes SMS – but not clear yet)
  3. Syncing with iTunes over WiFi
  4. Quick access to the Camera when the iPhone is locked
  5. Week view in Calendar

Update 20 Feb 2015: It’s interesting, nearly four years on looking back at what I wished for, and was it worth it?

  1. I don’t use this feature (I no longer sync with Outlook)
  2. I use this feature quite a bit.
  3. This feature turned out to be a dud. For it to work the phone had to be plugged into a power source, like a docking station, but as I only ever charge my phone via a cable connection from my PC …
  4. I use this almost every day. It’s hard to imagine iOS without this.
  5. It turns out that although I wanted this, when I got it, I never actually used it.

So it turns out that I only use two of the five things I was looking forward to. I guess the lesson here is the things you wish for are not necessarily the things you need.

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