Fixed terms

If I were elected to office …

I’d institute 4 year fixed term elections for the Federal parliament. No more “will he, won’t he, when will she” speculation about when an election will be due. No more calling of elections at the Prime Minister’s convenience. Four year terms instead of three year terms would also reduce the problem of governments bribing the electorate with re-election policies almost as soon as they are returned to office.

In my 4 year fixed term proposal, an early election could be called only in the case of:

  • a double dissolution (as per current constitutional provisions)
  • a successful vote of no-confidence in the government in the lower house
  • at the Governor General’s discretion (to allow for an early election in the case of persistent, overwhelming incompetence and/or corruption in a government)

For less elections, and less election speculation, vote 1. Me.

Sam Hilton – I’m voting for you!

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