Donald Trump Is A Loser

Four years ago, I, along with most Australians watched with a mixture of amazement, horror and pity as Donald Trump became president of the United States.

This morning I woke to the news that the American people in a record voter turnout have declared by an unambiguous margin that Donald Trump is a loser.

I agree.

ABC news website, 7am AEDT, 8 Nov 2020.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is A Loser

  1. Hi Lachlan, I enjoy your website, but leave politics out of it. “Most Australians” were not against Trump. In fact you should check his achievements. I was impressed by his “USA First” policy where he stood up to China and also encouraged american companies not to send their manufacturing to Mexico for example.

    • I’m glad you enjoy my website, but the very title of my website “A bit of this, a bit of that” makes it clear that while I do write a lot about local history, I write about lot of different things that interest me, and that occasionally includes politics.
      I find your statement that most Australians were not against Trump is vastly counter to my own experience, where in the last four years I have met just one person who was supportive of Trump. Can you point me to any reputable polling results that support the idea that most Australians were pro-Trump? Speaking of polls, have you heard about the very, very large scale poll conducted in the US on 3 November 2020 where the majority of Americans (by a margin of more than 5 million) opposed Trump?
      This reminds me of Wetherall’s law of meta-vegetative reasoning – just because Trump doesn’t like having lost the election, doesn’t mean he didn’t lose the election. Wishful thinking is an insufficient basis to overturn reality.

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