Broadband Nonsense

So the Federal Department of Communications has a spiffy MyBroadband website where you can view the “broadband profile for your area”.  The only trouble is that it’s complete nonsense. Yes there are all sorts of disclaimers on the site about how the figures provided are indicative only and actual individual figures will vary from the estimate, but the figures on the website don’t even come close to reality.

Unfortunately (in broadband terms) I live in a street that is at the very extremity of the exchange area.  The maximum download speed I get is 1.8Mbps – while the MyBroadband site trumpets that the median speed in my little green area in the map is > 8Mbps, which is more than 5 times the reality.

If this is the kind of information Malcolm Turnbull is relying on to build a National Broadband Network, it will be no surprise if we end up with a cheapskate bodgy solution.


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