HP EliteBook 8570p memory card reader

After having this model of laptop for 4 months and lamenting that it didn’t have an SD memory card reader like my previous HP laptop, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to discover that it does have an SD/MMC memory card reader – it’s just positioned in an incredibly hidden location, in the beveled section underneath the USB slots on the rear left hand side. Unless you were flat on your back underneath a glass top desk, you’d be unlikely to spot this slot.

This post is for the benefit of other 8570p owners who get confused by the specifications saying there is a memory card reader, being unable to find it, then hitting the googlewebs in frustration.


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3 thoughts on “HP EliteBook 8570p memory card reader

  1. I know where the slot is but how do you use it????
    I have had several tries but none worked. I check to see if it registered on documents & My Computer.
    H E L P!!!

    • Plug in a memory card and it should come up as a drive in File Explorer. If it doesn’t there are three possible reasons why.
      1. The memory card reader hardware is faulty. (Unlikely)
      2. The memory card is faulty, Try a different card?
      3. You don’t have the memory card reader drivers installed.

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