iOS 5 upgrade woes

Just upgraded my iPhone to iOS 5. The upgrade process was horrible and painful.

After several attempts where the upgrade would just stop with an inexplicable error message, eventually the phone restarted with iOS 5 and proceeded to ask a few setup questions. At the “Do you want to use iCloud” question, if I chose No, then clicking Next would do nothing. I eventually chose “Yes” just to proceed, but then a couple of questions later at the “Do you want to use the Find my iPhone feature” no matter whether I selected Yes or No, pressing Next had no effect. Eventually I found that if I restarted the iPhone and got back to the setup questions, if I said NO to connecting to WIFI, then I could proceed through the remaining setup questions.

THEN I found that phone was missing all my music, books, and videos. Connecting up with iTunes I found that all my sync settings (which playlists to sync etc) had been had been lost, and I had to manually set them to what they were before and re-sync from iTunes to my iPhone to get content back on.

Upgrade process rating: 1 star out of 5.

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