Lambton Churches

This page is a work in progress, with the aim of compiling a comprehensive list of churches throughout the history of Lambton.

  • Church of England (Anglican) (1869-present)
  • Catholic (1871-present)
  • Primitive Methodist
  • Lay Methodist
  • Welsh Calvinistic Methodist (1887-??)
  • Welsh Congregational
  • English Congregational
  • Welsh Baptist
  • English Baptist
  • Salvation Army
    • Grainger St (1886-?)
    • Cnr Grainger and Pearson (1969-2007)
  • Baptist
  • Calvary Baptist
    • ¬†Dickson St
    • Orlando Rd (1958 – approx 2010)
  • Presbyterian
  • Christadelphian (approx 1894-1903)
  • Hunter Bible Church (started 1989 in Callaghan, in Lambton from 2004-present)

Christadelphian ChurcH

Newcastle Library’s Hunter Photobank has a photo of a wedding party in front of the Christadelphian Hall. The photo is also appears on page 91 of the publication, “The Story of Lambton”. The hall was originally one of the buildings erected by the Lambton Mechanics’ Institute near 72 Howe St. After the Mechanic’s Institute erected a fine new brick building on Elder St in 1894, they leased the old weatherboard hall to the Christadelphians.

Christadelphian Hall, Lambton, 28 September 1896. Photo by Ralph Snowball. Hunter Photobank.

Surprisingly, this building still exists – but not at its original position on Howe St! In August 1903, the Mechanics’ Institute, with the aid of a bullock team, moved the weatherboard to behind their new brick building in Elder St, where it still sits today.

The “Institute Hall”, the old weatherboard building formerly used by the Christadelphians was relocated from Howe St to Elder St in August 1903.

Newspaper Articles

Article Date Event DateNotes
14 Mar 1868
8 Mar 1868
Opening of the New Welsh Baptist Chapel.
21 Apr 1951Closure of New Lambton Lay Methodist church in Rugby-road. Mention that there used to be a Lay Methodist Church in Lambton.

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