Coffee thoughts from across the continent

I was in Melbourne on Sunday and out of necessity/convenience I got the $1 cappuccino from 7-Eleven. I was pleasantly shocked. It wasn’t just acceptable, it was actually very good.

In contrast… The $3.40 cappuccino from the bakery in Busselton this morning… to call it ordinary would be doing it a favour.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid” (Jeff Kinney) – a book review by Lachlan Wetherall. This book has a misleading title. It should be titled “Diary of a Conceited, Conniving, Lying, Cheating, Lazy, Vindictive, Selfish Kid”.

Recommended reading for instructing your kids how not to behave.

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Quiz Show Rupert

I watched Robert Redford’s 1994 movie “Quiz Show” last night. Great movie. The scene towards the end of the movie where the TV show execs and sponsors are denying all knowledge/responsibility of wrongdoing was eerily prescient of the response that Rupert and James Murdoch presented in the wake of the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

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With the return of MasterChef I get to pull out, dust off, and expose to the daylight one of my favourite underused words of the English vocabulary:

turgid = inflated, overblown, or pompous; bombastic

It’s almost like they made MasterChef with the explicit purpose of illustrating the meaning of this word.

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Big, Bigger, Biggest

I’ve really been enjoying the TV series “Big, Bigger, Biggest” that’s been running on SBS on Saturday nights. It’s the almost perfect mix of engineering, history and gee-whizzery that manages to avoid the common pitfalls* of so many other documentaries of this genre. Tonight … Dams!

*Some of the pitfalls it avoids are:

  • overblown hyperbole from an over-earnest narrator
  • “our audience is so dumb we can only use words of one syllable or less”
  • “let’s worm our way around explaining a difficult concept by getting a celebrity host to perform some gimmicky and barely relevant ‘experiment’ “
  •  “let’s make up for our lack of footage by showing the same clip over and over again”
  • “let’s make easy money by padding out half an hour of content with endless repetition so that the show can be sold as a one hour documentary.
  • using computer animation that looks pretty, but does nothing to actually inform or explain.

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