How big is a family?

How big is a family when you’re on a family holiday?

Almost universally, at any tourist attraction, accommodation or transport option, a “family” ticket means 2 adults and 2 children. I’m often tempted to say “Hello, can I have a family ticket and leave my bored and hyperactive 3rd child (who misses out on being in the “family”) to roam your gift shop unattended for the next 2 hours.

In a sad attempt to get around the definitional problem of “family”, the Scitech museum in Perth doesn’t have family tickets – they have “mini-group” tickets – still only 2 adults/2 children though.

All in all, thinking about this too much is putting a bit of a downer on our “mini-group plus additional child” holiday.

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Transperth website report card

C – for “Could do better”

  1. They advertise the timetables for your iPod, but you can’t get them on to your iPod/iPhone without using a computer. Um, I left my computer at home 4000km away.
  2. From their full website they advertise their mobile site, and then give instructions on how to enter the website address into your mobiles browser! Haven’t they heard of hyperlinks?
  3. I finally decided to download the PDF versions of the timetable into iBooks. This worked fine except that instead of meaningful filenames like “Fremantle line” the PDF has a gibberish alphanumeric name which means that if you download more than one timetable you can’t tell which is which without opening the file.

On reflection the score is more of a D- for “Did not bother doing it right”

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Coffee underpass

Kent St Bakery at Busselton, you’re now officially off the hook for WA’s worst cappuccino, having been resoundingly surpassed (underpassed?) by Janice’s Cafe Pot in Mandurah, with a copious concoction of hellishly hot bland brown fluid with the flimsiest film of foam with the far fetched price of $4.50 !!!

In a disturbing and unexpected trend on this trip the quality of coffee is in inverse proportion to the price. Is this other people’s experience?

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Fictional map

I loved the free city circle tram service in Melbourne. The route map in the back of the free Melbourne visitors book was somewhat fictionalized though, missing some tramstops that do exist, and including some that don’t exist.

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Air travel conundrums

  1. When the aircraft lands and pulls up at the terminal, why do 50% of the people immediately jump up and get their bags out of the lockers when they know they’ll spend the next 10 minutes standing up waiting for the plane to clear of passengers in front of them?
  2. When landing they always announce that the main cabin lights will be dimmed “for your comfort”. I can’t conceive how having the lights on would be uncomfortable. Is the “comfort” reason a polite fiction masking the real reason which is less palatable?

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