iOS 5 Upgrade. Further pain

After taking most of the day resyncing my music to my iPhone (as it was downconverting music files to 128kbps) I then found that every time I connected my iPhone to my computer iTunes would pop up with a dialog saying that the previous restore had failed, and giving me the option to “Cancel”, “Continue Restore”, or “Delete Backup”. It didn’t seem to matter what option I chose I ended up with either iTunes not recognising the phone, or producing another error, or offering me the choice to set up the device as new phone.

Eventually I got things sorted out (but had to resync all my music again ). I have no idea what exact steps finally fixed my problem. Needless to say I won’t be that keen to rush into installing future iOS updates.


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iOS 5 upgrade woes

Just upgraded my iPhone to iOS 5. The upgrade process was horrible and painful.

After several attempts where the upgrade would just stop with an inexplicable error message, eventually the phone restarted with iOS 5 and proceeded to ask a few setup questions. At the “Do you want to use iCloud” question, if I chose No, then clicking Next would do nothing. I eventually chose “Yes” just to proceed, but then a couple of questions later at the “Do you want to use the Find my iPhone feature” no matter whether I selected Yes or No, pressing Next had no effect. Eventually I found that if I restarted the iPhone and got back to the setup questions, if I said NO to connecting to WIFI, then I could proceed through the remaining setup questions.

THEN I found that phone was missing all my music, books, and videos. Connecting up with iTunes I found that all my sync settings (which playlists to sync etc) had been had been lost, and I had to manually set them to what they were before and re-sync from iTunes to my iPhone to get content back on.

Upgrade process rating: 1 star out of 5.

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Survey madness

Further proof that the world has gone survey mad. My ISP was recently bought out by another ISP, and in the process the spelling of my surname got messed up. I let the new ISP know of the error, and after fixing a one character typo, I’m asked to complete a survey to rate the quality of service!

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Footy’s gambling addiction

NRL and AFL – shame on you for sticking up for the clubs/hotels rapacious desire to exploit problem gamblers through poker machines.

Eddie Maguire’s comment that the government’s proposal to introduce precommitment on pokies is a “footy tax” – in response to that I’m forced to use a word I studiously teach my kids not to use… and that word is STUPID.

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Google + or –

Had a look at Google+. I’m giving it a Google- and I’m deleting my Google+ profile.

It was all too much like going into one of those fancy department stores. I wandered around, lost and confused, didn’t see anything that interested me, then found it hard to find the exit.

Update 20 Feb 2015: Its interesting that my initial negative impression of Google Buzz got turned around and I ended up quite liking it, but my initial negative impression of Google+ never changed much.

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Word tease

I discovered a new immensely useful word last night (thanks to Late Night Live) – “persiflage” which means “light teasing” or “frivolous style of treating a subject”.

Everybody does it. Now I now what it’s called.

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