I just heard tonight that John Chapman, long time evangelist in the Sydney Anglican diocese passed away a couple of days ago, aged 82. I never met John, but heard him speak at numerous conferences – always engaging, always passionate for the gospel, always biblical. I have a deep gratitude for John’s work, particularly his transformative work in the Anglican diocese of Armidale – for it was in that diocese, many years later, where many faithful gospel preachers followed in John’s footsteps where I became a disciple of Jesus in 1981.

With his passing, he is now at rest with the Lord. Thank you John.

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I’m getting pretty tired of proponents of gay marriage impulsively labelling people who disagree with them as ‘homophobes’. People who disagree with stealing don’t get labelled theftophobes, people who think lying is wrong don’t get labelled as deceitophobes.

I’m beginning to wonder if all these people who jump at the ‘homophobe’ label aren’t just a bunch of disagreeaphobes?

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Disgusted / Delighted

Currently disgusted by … institutions like Google and NASA who resolutely avoid mentioning “Christmas” and use the horrid and hollow phrase”Happy holidays” instead.

Currently delighted by … Her Majesty the Queen, who in her 2011 Christmas address ends with a great reminder that Christmas is about Christ our Lord, who brings forgiveness.

Her Majesty speaks of families, friends and communities in this year's broadcast to the Commonwealth.
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Difficult passages

In bible study group last week I was dealing with a tricky passage (1 Cor 11:2-16). Here’s the thoughts I shared with the group on how to approach difficult passages.

  1. It is important not to ‘skip over’ difficult passages in the bible. Even the hard bits are God’s word.
  2. The fact that there is a difficult passage that we don’t fully understand shouldn’t bother us too much. It just means that we aren’t infinitely knowledgeable. (Something that is quite helpful for some of us to be reminded of.)
  3. Don’t let what is unclear distract you from what is clear.
  4. Use what is clear to help you understand what is unclear.
  5. You don’t have to understand every thing in a passage in order to understand some things clearly.

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Not proving God’s non-existence

Interesting Q&A on ABC last night. I only heard a snippet of it on NewsRadio, but was rather bemused by how eager Eva Cox was to blame all the ills of the world on a God she doesn’t believe in.

When distilled down, her ‘proof’ against the existence of God goes like this.

  1. If there was a God …
  2. … all the ills and woes of the world are his fault.
  3. I don’t like the sound of that …
  4. … therefore God doesn’t exist.

After a sound start at step 1, the remaining steps of the argument are laughably foolish.

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I just read Psalm 5 yesterday where God’s grace is so abundantly clear. The psalm draws a big contrast between the “wicked” and “arrogant” who “cannot dwell” with God (v4-5) versus David who says “But I, by your great mercy will come into your house”. (v7)

Entry to God’s house is not by a lack of wickedness, but by taking refuge in God and being glad. (v11)


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