Mystery iPhone sliding window

IMG_3663Yesterday I started seeing a strange sliding window appear on my iPhone 5 whenever I went to compose a new message or email, or add a new contact. (See image at right.)

After much frustration and searching I eventually discovered that this is the “Window Zoom” functionality, part of the Accessibility settings, and it enables you to enlarge parts of the screen to make it easier to read.

It seems that at some time I must have accidentally enabled this feature, and once enabled a three fingered double tap (intended or accidental) will cause the sliding zoom window to show up in various places.

IMG_3664The solution was to simply disable the “Zoom” function in the Accessibility settings.


Key hole operation using iPhone

So the story is … at church Arthur manages to drop his car key down a hole in the floor where the speaker wires go, and the hole is so close to the wall that you can’t see down it, but using my iPhone camera and LED flashlight along with a hooked metal rod I was able to perform an operation to extract the key from the hole.  The uses of an iPhone continue to amaze me.