Hotels of Lambton

Miners’ Arms Hotel, Lambton.

As a follow up from my January 2021 article on the Reservoir Hotel, I have now finished compiling a comprehensive list of Lambton hotels

The aim was to research and document the names, locations, years of operation, and licensees for each of the 22 hotels that operated (or still operates) in the area covered by the Lambton Municipal Council.

Early on in my research, I came across a 1936 newspaper article looking back at Lambton’s history, which closed with the reminiscence of …

“… the flourishing times when the suburb had no fewer than 16 hotels”

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate, 15 February 1936

Normally I am pretty wary about these kind of summary statements made decades after the fact, but to my surprise, when I had finished my research I found it to be dead accurate – in 1881 Lambton reached a peak of 16 hotels!

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