Programmable buttons on the TF200 phone

A relative with low vision recently needed a landline phone with programmable buttons, so they could easily call family members with just the press of one button. In my cupboard I had an old Alcatel TF200 phone (from Telecom Australia) that had 10 programmable buttons. I couldn’t find a manual for this phone online, but with experimenting I found that programming the buttons was a matter of lifting the handset then …

  1. Press the “Store” button.
  2. Press the digit buttons for the number you want stored.
  3. Press the programmable button that you want the number stored in.
Alcatel TF200 touch phone.

One thought on “Programmable buttons on the TF200 phone

  1. and write the name of the button in pencil because at some time in the future there will be changes. I used one of these phones in my office for a number of years.

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