Spare words

Img_3604The last time I checked, salt is plain old sodium chloride (NaCl) regardless of country of origin, how it was collected, from what physical location, or who sells it. By that reckoning, this product has at least three superfluous adjectives and a needless genitive.

Anybody want to buy some spare words? They’re as cheap as (the salt on) chips.

2 thoughts on “Spare words

  1. Unfortunately seawater contains many other salts in small quantities as well as the majority NaCl dissolved in it. When seawater is evaporated the resulting solids will contain that mixture at least to some extent. The actual mix will also depend upon the condition of the seawater used. Esturine water would probably contain more clays and even other “pollutants” depending on run-offs from the adjacent land. I think the composition of seawater from tropical areas is somewhat different to those from temperate climes. I do think Coles could be more specific regardingh the actual origin of that salt.

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