Sometime, somewhere, perhaps

For Father’s day I was given a DVD movie, and inside the case was a glossy page proudly proclaiming how I could not only watch this movie the old fashioned way by making a plastic disc spin inside a black box sitting under the telly, I could get access to a digital copy that I could “WATCH ANYTIME, ANYWHERE”.

uv1Anytime? Well except for the disclaimer that the offer is “Subject to expiry”.


Well to be fair, the ability to redeem the offer is subject to expiry, but after that you can access the content anytime, right? Not necessarily, as the terms and conditions say that they

“reserve the right to change, suspend, remove, or disable access to the UV Content, or other materials at any time without notice”

So the “Anytime” promise is a bit of a dud, so what about “Anywhere”? Well except for the disclaimer that “the UltraViolet service is not compatible with all devices”  and “compatible devices are subject to change.”

uv2uv4So the promise of “Anytime, Anywhere” is more “Sometime, somewhere, perhaps, if we feel like it”.

I find it so depressing that commercial organisations can get away with using words in a manner so divorced from the actual meaning of the words.

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