Firefox 41 and the New Tab override

firefoxFor years Firefox has been my preferred browser. When I open a new tab I like to have it open to a custom page on my local drive rather than the standard Firefox new tab page. I was able to configure this using the “browser.newtab.url” setting available in the “about:config” page.

As of today, with the release of Firefox version 41, for security reasons this setting is no longer supported. Fortunately there is a New Tab Override add-on that can be installed to provide the same facility.


2 thoughts on “Firefox 41 and the New Tab override

  1. BS@#! …. Security is an excuse for Mozilla to deliver the new tab page as they wanted.

    Security is a comical reason. Why is it that FF tabs are not sandboxed … why is it they do not run FF with low priviledges … Why is it we still have tabs at all if it is for security??? I rarely use FF any more …

    By the way … what is with all of the new things going on in the background if you search tab in about;config???

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