Then and Now 3



The Gully Line railway crossing the stormwater drain in Broadmeadow. Photo by Ralph Snowball. University of Newcastle Cultural Collections.


Img_2508aThe Gully Line railway ran from Hamilton North to Raspberry Gully (at the bottom of the ridge, just north of Charlestown) to serve the South Waratah colliery. The railway line was completed in 1876. The colliery ceased production on 22nd December 1961. The photos above and below were taken on 22nd December 2014, 53 years to the day after the mine closed.


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  2. Nice work. It’s intriguing to see how the old creek bed and banks look as though they were lined with block work rather than poured concrete slabs. I understand that the concreting took place during the Depression; I wonder if they poured on top of the blocks or pulled them up for re-use?

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