Faux Feedback

The ABC News website recently revamped their home page layout and invited feedback from their audience …

feedback… which was overwhelmingly negative, and the moderator responds with a post basically saying that all that negative feedback is misguided, because, well the ABC is just doing what Facebook and Twitter do …

feedback2… as if Facebook and Twitter is the gold standard of Web user interface design!?!?!

What’s the point of asking for feedback if all you’re going to do is dismiss it?





Ride 2 Work 2014

IMG_2361It was Ride 2 Work day today, and after 6 years of riding to work I actually managed to ride to work on Ride 2 Work day. In previous years I’ve always missed the day as it was scheduled earlier in October when I’ve been on spring holidays. With it being later in October I was hopeful of making it this year, but a dire weather forecast for this morning made it doubtful. But praise God, that while the rain and storms were all around in every direction, there was lovely clear patch directly over Newcastle!

Moving mantras

stuffAfter 16 years in the same place, I’m moving house in a few weeks. This presents an opportunity to do a cleanup and get rid of accumulated ‘stuff’. In doing clean outs there has always been a saying in our family of “If in doubt, chuck it out”, however with the growing realisation of the amount of stuff hiding away in various locations, I’ve come up with a few more moving mantras …

  • If in doubt, chuck it out
  • Reduce the stash, make it trash
  • If you don’t use it, it’s time to lose it
  • If you’re not sure of it, out the door with it
  • If its hanging about, throw it out

NetComm NB604N modem/router and the Shellshock bug

The Shellshock bash bug has been getting a lot of press, and rightly so, as there are a large number of servers and devices potentially vulnerable, including devices such as ADSL modem/routers.  I went looking to see if my NetComm NB604N modem/router was vulnerable, but couldn’t find any official word on the matter.

With a bit of investigation myself by telnetting to the modem I established that the modem is running BusyBox with the ‘msh’ shell, not ‘bash’.

So my understanding is that the NB604N is NOT vulnerable to the Shellshock bug.