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I have just migrated this blog to a new web hosting provider, and if you’re seeing this then it means that it has all worked successfully. Formerly the blog was hosted with “Crazy Domains”, and while they have been mostly OK, in the last year I have been unhappy about a few things.

  1. When I signed up with them, they were promoting themselves as being “Australian” which proved less than true, the company actually being based in the middle east somewhere, which earned them a whack on the corporate backside from the the .au Domain Administration.
  2. On more occasions than I was happy with, I’d try to update my blog and find that the service (Web or FTP or both) was down. For a low volume site like mine that’s not a huge impact, but on the other hand, keeping a simple low volume website online and available shouldn’t be that problematic.
  3. The last time I had a problem connecting to the site via FTP, I reported the issue via an e-mail, and although they fixed the problem OK (or perhaps the problem resolved itself), the e-mail they sent back to me was misguided to say the least – they blamed the problem on me saying that I was using the incorrect username/password, which was definitely NOT the case as I was using the exact same saved credentials in my FTP client all the time. Now I work in IT and I well know that problems can occur, but to simply blame the user for the problem when its not their fault is pretty low.
  4. The final straw was when my 1 year renewal came up, and after a reasonable price for the first year of web hosting they wanted to jack up the price by 234% on the first year’s rates. No thank you.
  5. Oh, and also their “last century” anachronistic use of sexist images on their website was pretty galling.

So here I am with a new web hosting provider, based in Australia. They have a 30 day money back guarantee, so I’ll wait a month before I name them and either praise their prowess, or drub their dysfunction.

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