SharePoint 2010 Storage Metric Borogoves

StorageMetricsIn SharePoint 2010 site settings there is an option “Storage Metrics” that purports to give you useful information about the size of sites and folders in SharePoint.



Cool. But, when you click on it you get a screen which says …

“Data shown on this page may not be up-to-date. Future visits to this page may contain more accurate results.”


So what it’s saying is that its showing a bunch of numbers which may or may not be correct now, and may or may not be correct in the future, and good luck deciding if the numbers are or aren’t correct, now or in the future. (For the record – the numbers in the screenshot above are woefully incorrect.)

Why don’t they just show the text of “Jabberwocky” instead? It would be more meaningful and less infuriating.

Cycling safety

As I’ve been cycling to work over the last 5 years, I’ve noticed that quite often if a cyclist engages in one kind of unsafe behavior, they are also likely to engage in other unsafe behaviours. So for example, a cyclist that crosses a busy highway against the lights, is very likely to also not be wearing a helmet.

Today I witnessed an example of a high degree of correlated unsafety when I observed a chap riding along

  • using only one hand to steer,
  • that hand also grasping a beer can,
  • while a cigarette hung from the mouth,
  • and the other hand was texting on a mobile phone.

To his credit, he was wearing a helmet. He’ll probably need it.

Another curious observation I’ve made a number of times is cyclists riding along with a helmet draped over their handlebars, thus incurring all the disadvantages of having a helmet without gaining any of the advantages of actually wearing it.

Fun with scammers again

kangarooI just got another phone call from the scammers pretending to be from Microsoft to fix virus problems. I managed to keep them on the line for about 10 minutes this time by…

  1. Pretending to have an extraordinarily old computer that took ages to boot up.
  2. Then, in response to their question about what do I see on the desktop, I kept on insisting that all I could see was a big kangaroo jumping up and down saying “Click Me”, and that was the way that I access all the programs on my computer.