Google Reader Gone

Google Reader is gone. I quite liked it and was a bit miffed when Google announced its demise. Fortunately I have found and been using for a couple of months a great replacement – The Old Reader. It has very similar functionality to Google Reader, plain, simple, does what it needs to do, without making things overly complicated and fancy. If you try it and like it, don’t forget to financially support the team that provides The Old Reader.

As an aside, the demise of Google Reader was one of the things that prompted me to start this blog on my own website. Previously I had used Google Buzz, and then that got shut down, then I was using Google+, but then Google seemed to want to change how it looked and worked every few months. How long before Google+ gets shut down? In the end my frustrations led me to set up my own platform that’s under my control.

One thought on “Google Reader Gone

  1. I’m reading your blog via feedly. It’s the first blog I’ve added to my old google reader “posts” folder. I was a bit sad when your blog didn’t appear over in the flipboard app- the other mob I’ve saved my google reader folders to – I took that as the signal reader really was gone.

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