Acrostic poem

A poetical work liberated from the darker recesses of my brain earlier today …

Acrostic poems are hard to write
Burns up all my mental might
Can’t you see I’m working on it?
Don’t you diss my puny sonnet
Every effort expended, makes me a wreck
Forward I go on my acrostic trek
Gallantly going where no one has gone
Hoping I have the strength to go on
I implore you to consider the worth of my work
Judge carefully whether I be genius or jerk
Knowing not the terminus of my literary stand
Long will I labour in this lettered land
My mind meanders, my strength now wanes
Now waxes and rises, gathers and gains
Oft in this ode, as the lines I count up
Perils and problems just seem to mount up
Quite likely some quicksand will cause me to quit
Really I wonder why I’m attempting it
Sometimes I shrink at the size of my task
Twenty six letters is a mighty big ask
Undaunted I strive to alphabetic renown
Vying for victory and a poetic crown
Wait! Is woe ahead? Will my way meet ill fate?
X words are extraordinarily hard to locate!
Yet here I now am on the penultimate line
Zero to go after this one last rhyme!

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