Firefox 13 and the New Tab page

Firefox 13 and the New Tab page ‘improvement’.

Firefox 13 adds a New Tab page that shows a grid of commonly visited sites – an improvement if formerly all you got was a blank page, but I had Firefox’s home page set to a local HTML file that I maintain which has all my important bookmarks. After the upgrade to Firefox 13, a new browser session would open to my page, but a new tab would open to Firefox’s new New Tab page – not what I wanted!

Fortunately there is a workaround – Enter about:config in the address bar, find the browser.newtab.url setting, and then set the value to the URL you want. (or about:blank for a blank page, or about:home for the Firefox home page if you prefer).

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Spotify. Big fat FAIL.

Someone told me that the Spotify music streaming service is now available in Australia and I thought I’d give it a try – BUT it turns out that you must have a Facebook account to sign into Spotify. Ridiculous. Goodbye Spotify.

Update 31 Dec 2012: Just found out that since September Spotify no longer requires Facebook to create an account, so now I can give it a spin.

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