Transperth website report card

C – for “Could do better”

  1. They advertise the timetables for your iPod, but you can’t get them on to your iPod/iPhone without using a computer. Um, I left my computer at home 4000km away.
  2. From their full website they advertise their mobile site, and then give instructions on how to enter the website address into your mobiles browser! Haven’t they heard of hyperlinks?
  3. I finally decided to download the PDF versions of the timetable into iBooks. This worked fine except that instead of meaningful filenames like “Fremantle line” the PDF has a gibberish alphanumeric name which means that if you download more than one timetable you can’t tell which is which without opening the file.

On reflection the score is more of a D- for “Did not bother doing it right”

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