Footy’s gambling addiction

NRL and AFL – shame on you for sticking up for the clubs/hotels rapacious desire to exploit problem gamblers through poker machines.

Eddie Maguire’s comment that the government’s proposal to introduce precommitment on pokies is a “footy tax” – in response to that I’m forced to use a word I studiously teach my kids not to use… and that word is STUPID.

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Google + or –

Had a look at Google+. I’m giving it a Google- and I’m deleting my Google+ profile.

It was all too much like going into one of those fancy department stores. I wandered around, lost and confused, didn’t see anything that interested me, then found it hard to find the exit.

Update 20 Feb 2015: Its interesting that my initial negative impression of Google Buzz got turned around and I ended up quite liking it, but my initial negative impression of Google+ never changed much.

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Word tease

I discovered a new immensely useful word last night (thanks to Late Night Live) – “persiflage” which means “light teasing” or “frivolous style of treating a subject”.

Everybody does it. Now I now what it’s called.

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How big is a family?

How big is a family when you’re on a family holiday?

Almost universally, at any tourist attraction, accommodation or transport option, a “family” ticket means 2 adults and 2 children. I’m often tempted to say “Hello, can I have a family ticket and leave my bored and hyperactive 3rd child (who misses out on being in the “family”) to roam your gift shop unattended for the next 2 hours.

In a sad attempt to get around the definitional problem of “family”, the Scitech museum in Perth doesn’t have family tickets – they have “mini-group” tickets – still only 2 adults/2 children though.

All in all, thinking about this too much is putting a bit of a downer on our “mini-group plus additional child” holiday.

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